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Hello~! Welcome to my blog, Here, you will mainly find post related to fashion and maybe a tiny bit to beauty. For other themes, you can checkout my other links on the side of my blog page. Feel free to leave comments in French as I am a Canadian Frenchie! Peace out!

lundi 11 mars 2013


The weather is getting better and better and spring is coming soon! I've also been less busy with school work so I got more energy to do other things. Anyway, here is an OOTD from last friday and my NOTD! I was getting sick of the grey weather outside and I'm sooo not a winter person, so I decided to go on with the neon green nail polish!! I never understood people who associates certain colours with certain seasons ( Dark toned colours for fall and winter versus Light toned colours for spring and summer). I'm sorry, I don't follow that kind of "trend". I'm going to wear a certain color just because I feel like it, not because it's a certain season. Anyway, check out my pics and have a great week!!

 White and Black leopard print button up shirt from H&M
Black dress from Ann Taylor LOFT
Black leggings from Aldo Accessoire

China Glaze's Kiwi Cool-Ada
L.A. Girl Matte's Matte White