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mardi 22 janvier 2013

Challenging myself for 2013

I am a bit late, but 2013!!! A new year, a new start, perfect to challenge myself! For the past few months, I haven't been shopping as much as I used to. I'm trying to save up my money to travel next year after I graduate. Anyway, I think (and my parents too) that I have too much clothes. I'll show you  pictures in a bit. I also think I have top much scarves, shoes, jewlery, makeup, etc... If you saw what I had, you will probably say that it's not a lot at all because some people really do have much more than me. That's true. But for me, it is too much when I don't even wear makeup that often, and when I always wear the same scarf, shoes and clothes, etc... It's almost like a waste! Which is why I'm challeging myself for 2013 to wear and use the most out of everything. This should make me work my creativity side and be less lazy when it comes to picking out what I should wear or use. So basically, for 2013, you are going to see what you usually see on beauty/fashion blogs such as FOTD, OOTD, NOTD, etc... but there won't be much "haul" post. So I hope you will all follow me in this 2013 journey. =) Here are a few pictures of what I think I have too much of  :

 Those are my clothes. There is actually a few more...
 Those are my body care and hair care products, and nail polish.
 Those are my hair goodies and earings.
 Those are my necklaces.
Those are my belts.
 I don't know why this picture won't stay horizontal when I upload it. Anyway, it's my load of scarves.

For the clothes, I actually had more, and still have more. First, I got rid of some. Second, this is where I reside for school, so there are more clothes back home. Obviously, those here are the ones that I wear the most. Oh, no pictures of my shoes eh.. I think I have around 10 pairs of shoes. So, seeing my pictures, you probably think it's nothing at all but it is for me. Keep in mind that if you think it's not at all, then I am sorry, you might be turning into an over-consumer. This is another reason why I've refrained myself from shopping and buying useless things I don't really need because I already have enough of everything. Ok. So.
Peace out. Wish me luck.

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