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dimanche 27 janvier 2013

Too Cold

The weather here is just crazy, too cold for me to wear anything nice. It's not a perfect time at all to figure out something nice to wear when it's -20 to -40 degree CELCIUS outside. All I do is pile on as many clothes as I can. So right now, I look even more tomboy than usual with my big sweaters. 

For fun, I've been trying some clothes on by doing some mix&match, and now, I just can't wait for the weather to warm up!!

So please wait a little with me.. It won't be long until I can post some OOTD.

Until then, I'll try to post something else.. but even makeup, it doesn't seem to last really long in this super cold temperature because when I breath in my scarf, it's like a sauna to my face, thus smudging the makeup away. I think this week's weather won't be too bad. I really hope so.

write you soon some more.

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